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Joseph Arthur

Genres: Rock

Bill Wilson Lyrics - Joseph Arthur

All my junky friends are getting straight jobs 

Trading in their hearts for second place 

Everybody on this planet is lost 

I feel like Bill Wilson broke my legs 

Oh my darling how come you look nervous 

Is it cause my lips are turning blue 

I can tell that you don't think I'm worthless 

I wish i could think the way you do. 


I don't want to party anymore than i have 

I just want to make it in your world 


Make it in your world. 

Everyone says i should get a sponser 

Someone I can call on everyday 

Tell hime everything that i've been thinking 

Throw my poison flower on his grave 

It's been so long since I've made a meeting 

Cause they always say the same thing twice. 

I guess I would rather just be myself. 

Instead of always trying to get nice 


In this room the wheelchairs are on fire 

People here are made of ice and salt 

Raising hands in brave communication 

Breaking over what the public thought 

Afterward we count our time like money 

Holding hads in circles made of prayer 

When your with them you feel like your family 

But when your gone It's like you were never there 


Copyright: Atv Music Publishing Llc, Sony