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Genres: Rock
Total songs: 1
Year: 2000

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  1. Chemical

Chemical Lyrics - Chemical - Joseph Arthur

Taking my medicine 

Changing the way I am 

I don't know where I been 

But I was well behaved 


I don't know who you are 

Coming out of my scar 

Driving my crashing car 

That needs a coat of paint 



Up and up away I go 

Out of my head 


I'm putting myself in jail 

I'm hoping to see you fail 

I'm flipping my head and tail 


I don't know the way 



I'm throwing up what I drank 

No one here I would thank 

I feel like a shark that's caught 

In a goldfish tank 


Swallowing a thousand pills 

Trying to change how I feel 

There's just to much time to kill 

Between all my mistakes 



Up and up away I go 

Out of my head 


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