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George Lyrics - 430 N. Harper Ave. - Jude

George died in the fifth grade 

No one ever knew why 

He was out selling lemonade 

On the Fourth of July and he died 


Sister Claire said that he was 

An angel on earth 

She stood there and she told us 

She had clearly rehearsed every verse 


Of the lies that tie you down 


I've forgotten my first love 

I haven't seen her since when 

There's a bum on the corner 

He thinks that I'm his best friend, we pretend 

He says the rapture is any day 

That's when God's coming around 

Although perhaps he should stay away 

They'll run him right out of town, like a clown 


With the lies that tie you down 


There are times when a man feels 

That it's him against the world 

There are times when a man steals 

From the love of his girl 

There are days when a beast dies 

Long before the gun 

And there are days when a crow flies 

Straight into the sun, to be done 


Copyright: Universal Music Publishing Group

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