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Reflection Lyrics - Renewal - Kreator

Deluding in mysterium, innocent deliverance 

Chosen minds are sailing, on waters of departure 

Leaving spells of deceit, giving light to the blind 

Dreaming with the war gods 

Searching for the true bringers of life 


Visions of tragedy, tearing you apart here 

Their spirits following, about to begin this 

Astral purgatory, screaming for the savior 

Heavenly illusions burning 

As they leave this darkened crypt behind 


An aura in front of thee, reaches out for my hand 

As tears fall from the trees, last days of freedom 

Maybe I'm coming home, but should I get lost here 

There's one thing guiding me 

I won't be afraid to let it go 


Reflection of rebirth 

King god of the universe 

Reflecting as you 

Smell the ovens apocalyptic atmosphere 


Perished nature harmony departed 

I've got the feeling I know what you dream 

Cryptic shadows darkening the screen 


A different life's dimension 

Watch them kill the world we used to know 

Why am I the only one that has to be there 

Another life's reflection 

Darker than the ones I've suffered through 

Baricades that make us fear each other 


No gods, no dictators 

Don't force me to return 

No gods, no frustration 

Don't force me to return 

To return 


Enter the tragedy, as I stand in front of you 

Take thy hand again, another spark of earth life 

Over the continents, shadows getting closer 

Darkening the firnament 

Until you come and take them all away 


Sounds of sirens, echo through the black skies 

Symphonies of sadness as her soul cries 

Cryptic shadows as the war is over 

We shall not see the planet recover 

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