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Lea Salonga

Genres: Pop

Happy Birthday Song Lyrics - Lea Salonga

Every year, once a year 

There is a special day 

A happy, happy holiday 

That's filled with love and cheer 

Happy birthday, happy birthday 

Happy birthday to all of you 

Now we get your name and we wish you the same 

Happy birthday to you 





Say let's wish happy birthday to all the kids 

Out there wherever they may be. 



But we don't know all their names. 




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Sure, we do bibeth. 

Oh, there's angela, mickey, bernard, arsil, cynthia 

Siopsie, danny, ronnie, elvie and vivian. how 'bout 

You, lilian? can you think of any names? 



Sure, lea. there's lulu, ferdinand, sheryl, 

Carol, gino, imelda, ritchie, maria and lily and mike. 



How 'bout me? malou, jerome and norma 


Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you 

Happy birthday to you all 

Happy birthday to you 


Here's a happy birthday cake 

Happy, happy birthday cake 

Mommy made it just for you 

Happy, happy birthday cake 




Now you blow the candles out (yehey!) 

Blow and blow the candles out 

All your wishes will come true 

When you blow the candles out 


Now it's time to cut the cake (wow!) 

Happy, happy birthday cake 

Give a piece to all your friends 

Now it's time to cut the cake 


Golly gee it taste so good 

Golly gee it taste so good 

It's the best we ever had 

Happy, happy birthday cake 





Say you at home playing this recording 

Maybe you're having a birthday party 

And you would like to sing happy birthday to someone 

So we're going to leave a blank 

Where we come to the part that says 

Happy birthday dear so and so 

And you put in whatever name you want, okay? 


Happy birthday to you (repeat 2x) 

Happy birthday dear ______ 

Happy birthday to you 


Happy birthday to you (repeat 2x) 

Happy birthday dear... 



Happy birthday to all the kids out there 

Happy birthday to one and all 


Happy birthday to you! 

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