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Lea Salonga

Genres: Pop

Maybe Lyrics - Lea Salonga

Maybe far away or maybe real nearby 

He maybe pouring her coffee 

She maybe straightenin' his tie 

Maybe in a house or hidden by a hill 

She's sittin' playin' piano 

He's sittin' payin' the bills 


Betcha they're young 

Betcha they're smart 

Bet they're collecting like ashtrays and art 

Betcha they're good why shouldn't they be 

Their one mistake was givin' up me 




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So maybe now it's time 


And maybe when I'm wake 

They'll be there calling me baby, maybe 


Betcha he reads 

Betcha she sews 

Maybe she's made me a closet of clothes 

Maybe they're straight as straight as a line 

Don't really care as long as they're mine 




So maybe now this prayer 

The last one of it's kind 

Won't you please and get your baby 


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