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  1. Fools Gold

Fools Gold Lyrics - Singles - Leah Abramson (the Abramson Singers)

Fool's gold, fool's gold 

You can't be a pearl if you don't fit the mold 

So you're gonna be shucked and you're gonna be sold Fool's gold, fool's gold 

Pearls light and cold, pearls. 


False love, false love 

Oh don't tell a crow that he's really a dove 

He's still blue-black when he looks in the mirror 

False love, white tears False love, white tears, white. 


Black gold, black gold 

You drill from the top and you pump from below 

Then you buy all the pearls in the neighborhood store With black gold, black gold 

Pearls young and old, pearls. 


Gold teeth, gold smile 

You gotta be true and you gotta be mild 

You've got long hair and the depth of a child 

Gold locks, gold eyes 

Long life, hard times, hard. 


Fool's Gold, fool's gold 

If you can't have love you'll sleep all alone 

So you might die an old maid withered and prone False love, false gold 

Good pearls die old fools. 


Tired bones, tired bones 

You can't go to heaven if you don't go alone 

But until you stroll to the alabaster throne 

Tired bones, tired bones 

Pearls turned to stones 

Fool's gold can still fool.