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Complicated Lyrics - Le'andria Johnson The Experience - Le'andria Johnson

lead 1: saying you love me comes easy showing you love 

must be hard my soul can't take another broken heart 

why do you say you love me when you know you really 

don't mean it is lust the only factor cause love I 

just don't see it cause love 

love is complicated(love)love is complicated 


lead 2: so what you waited for love don't live here 

no more I've done all I can do but love you just don't 

do my love will stand in the mist of the storm can 

you hear me calling from a broken wall cause love () 

I don't know why love is 

bridge: oh listen here, loving you with all my heart 

always knew we will never part but we both know love 

don't come easy that's why love is complicated love 

is complicated (oh) I really want to know why love is so 




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