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Leann Rimes

Genres: Pop

When I Think About Angels Lyrics - Leann Rimes

Why does the color of my coffee match your eyes 

Why do I see you when this stranger passes by 

I swear I hear you in the whisper of the wind 

I feel you when the sun is dancing on my skin 

And when it's raining you won't find me complaining 'cause 



When I think about rain I think about singin 

When I think about singin it's a Heavenly Tune 

When I think about Heaven then I think about Angels 

When I think about Angels I think about you 




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The taste of sugar sure reminds me of your kiss 

I like the way that they both linger on my lips 

Kisses remind me of a field of butterflies 

It must be the way my heart is fluttering inside 

Beautiful distraction. You make every thought a change reaction 






Anywhere I go 

Anything I do 

Everything around me baby makes me think of you 


Chorus x 3 

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