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  1. Last Call
  2. I Hope You Dance

Last Call Lyrics - Singles - Leann Wolmack

I recognized your number, 

It's burned into my brain, 

Felt my heart beating faster, 

Every time it rang. 

Some things never change, 

That's why I didn't answer. 


I bet you're in a bar, 

Listening to a country song. 

Glass of Johnny Walker Red, 

With no one to take you home. 

They're probably closing down, 

Saying, "No more alcohol." 

I bet you're in a bar 

'Cause I'm always your last call. 


I don't need to check that message. 

I know what it says. 

"Baby, I still love you," 

Don't mean nothing when there's whiskey on your breath. 

That's the only love I get. 

So if you're calling... 


I bet you're in a bar 

Listening to a cheatin' song 

Glass of Johnny Walker Red 

With no one to take you home 

They're probably closing down 

Saying, "No more alcohol" 

I bet you're in bar, 

'Cause I'm always your last- 


Call me crazy but 

I think maybe 

We've had our last call. 


I bet you're in a bar. 

It's always the same old song. 

That Johnny Walker Red, 

By now it's almost gone. 

But baby, I won't be there 

To catch you when you fall. 

I bet you're in bar 

'Cause I'm always your last call