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Murder Was The Case That They Gave Me Lyrics - Singles - Leathermouth

Ive tried so hard to keep it together 

my blood runs cold, I clench my fists 

Ill seize the day by its throat and watch it die 

The last thing you see will be my face 

Remember this face 

This ones for old times. Youre so empty inside, 

you did this to yourself. 

This is my counter strike, right here my call to arms 

Ive scarred my battle cry, its search and destroy you fucking whore. 

Im burning down your house now 

Hope to god youre in your house 

Burn bright like a star traitor 

The sun smiles on your corpse traitor 

Your cries mean nothing- Ill take my time 

Your tears mean nothing- Ill take my time 

I cant leave you breathing, oh the stories youd tell 

Maybe youll learn when the dirt fills your lungs 

I am your nightmare 

I am the shape in the dark 

I am your ending 

Ashes to ashes, dust to dust 

God know Ive had better