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Into Your Light: Chapter Ix (radio Edit) Lyrics - Singles - Leaves' Eyes

I've heard your song 

And I've seen the light 

In your eyes and it 

Took me so long to see 

Straight through the night 

And through you ah 


You're the depths of my own kind 

And you're the heights of my creation 

Wait for me, wait for me 




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Alone but strong when you're in my sight 

Your love hit me like a stroke 

Take me with you 

Take me with you 


Take me to that place ah 

Where I feel so safe aaah 

Into your light I dive 


I've taken this step 

And we're intimate now and I am 

I am joining your world 

A formation of love and you shine 

Through me 


Into your light 

Enter my mind 




Mermaid medium of light 

For the morning that comes 

For the orchid that grows 

Love me against all odds 

You defeated the doubt 

That was stuck inside me 


Into your light I dive 

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