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Genres: Hip-Hop

Anomaly Lyrics - Lecrae

I never fit in I was an outcast 

In grade school out blasting my Outkast 

And I'll pass on running to catch a route pass 


Gimme a pen and a pad I'm tryna outlast 

All of my idols 

American and the foreign-ers 

Before the foreign cars & the boring bars 

Money money money sex drugs and the coroners 

All this killin' but where the bodies at 

All this money where the Bugattis at 

But dig a lil deeper 

And you'll find another insecure man sittin' in a 2 seater 

The same little boy that got beat up 

Plenty pains in his past you could bring up 

Nobody ever told him he could be more than he is 

But inside he's a leader 

I didn't know who was inside me either 

Striving to be a captain 

Hopin' I could date a cheerleader 

Tryna get me a throne of my own so I could put my feet up 

Thank God my kingdom was overthrown by the soul redeemer 




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Deviation from the common rule 

Something or 

Somebody that's abnormal 

That doesn't fit in 

I say that's exactly what we are 

We are the odd 

The outcasts 


The peculiar 




The strangers 

And they say 

We don't fit in 

But I say we are exactly 

Who God created us to be 


The system didn't plan for this 


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