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Mack Meadows

Genres: Rock

Jennifer Come Home Lyrics - Mack Meadows

Last time I saw you, you looked fine 

Blue jeans and a white t-shirt, tie-dyed 

With an airplane ticket in your waving hand 


Said you just had to get away 

You needed time, you needed space 

Then you blew a kiss and hoped I'd understand 

All I understand is tonight I'm a lonely man 




Jennifer, I know you're searching 

But I'm hurting, waiting here alone 

Jennifer, I'm going crazy by this telephone 

Jennifer, my heart is breaking, I'm aching 

What's taking so long 

Oh, oh jennifer, please jennifer come home 




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Over and over, everyday 

I read your letters page by page 

They're all signed with love and sorry got to go 

Jennifer, let me make it clear 

Seems like it's been a billion years 

But jennifer, there's something you should know 

Do you really love me or are you just sayin' so 


Repeat chorus 


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Running back to me 

Baby, can't you see 

I'm the one you need 

Why search the world 

When you've got me 


Repeat chorus 

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