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Mack Meadows

Genres: Rock

My Bad Lyrics - Mack Meadows

This is for all the times I didn't call 

And I left you cryin' with your back against the wall 

It must have seemed like nobody cared at all 

My bad... My bad 


And I don't think that I told you near enough 

Just how much I depended on your love 

And for all of those nights I kept you up 

My bad... My bad 






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They say you don't know what you got till it's gone 

I'm sorry it's taken me so long 

But I just didn't know then what I had 

My bad... My bad 


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As my tears fall on your photograph 

Without you here tonight, it's all I have 

I shouldn't have taken more than I gave back 

My bad... My bad 


Instrumental Break 


So, wherever you are tonight, I want you to know 

It's not your fault... My bad 

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