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Mack Meadows

Genres: Rock

Valley Of Broken Dream Lyrics - Mack Meadows

Hey, I'm living in the valley of broken dreams 

Baby, since you left me 

Found me a place on sad boulevard 

On the corner of teardrop street 

Radio only plays muddy waters 

Even so that's alright 

Well, baby it gets down right depressing 

And mighty damn lonely at night 


Chorus: living in the valley of broken dreams 

My next door neighbor's got a bad case of misery 

(just like me) (we all do baby) (we all do honey) 

The postman only brings bad news 

The mayor's got a permanent case of the blues 

Living in the valley of broken dreams 




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Hey, everybody here cries heart-broke tears 

Cause everybody here hurts 

Made feeling bad their careers 

Don't even have to leave for work 

Policemen only wear their blues 

The town drunk's always in training 

There ain't no baseball and no parades 

Cause hell, it's always raining 


Repeat chorus 


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Baby, come back oh, save me 

Baby, come back 

Take away the blues you gave me 

Baby, baby, baby, baby 


Baby, come back, save me 

From the valley of broken dreams 

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