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Genres: Rock

The New Kings (ii) Lyrics - Marillion

We are the new Kings 

We had the keys to Old Russia's locked doors 

We are the new Kings 

Here on the corporation's top floor 

If you cross us we'll buy you and you can retire 

Your children set up for life 

Think about it, 


Greed is good.. 


We are the new Kings 

We sold your council houses, not to you, but the banks 

Up in the stratosphere - wielding the knife 

While you said thanks 

Oceans of money high in the clouds 

But if you hang around 

More often than not, it'll trickle down, 


While the diggers of the diamonds we wear, labour underground for dear life 

On your knees, peasant, and kiss this ring 

You're working for the new king 

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