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Celebrate Lyrics - Singles - Marla Johnson

Every time I'm feelin' down 

And my heart is overwhelmed 

I choose to worship 

Make a joyful sound 

When I think about the things You've done 

In my heart is a thankful song 

You've never failed me 

You won't fail me now 


O Lord I'm gonna celebrate 

Jesus I'm gonna celebrate 

O Lord I'm gonna celebrate yeah 

Jesus I'm gonna celebrate 

Gonna celebrate Your goodness 

Gonna revel in Your love 

With my heart full of thanksgiving 

Gonna dance and sing and shout 

Yeah gonna celebrate 


I've decided I will run 

In the path You have for me 

I trust in You Lord 

You have set my heart free 

I love You with all my heart 

I worship dance and sing 

I'll follow You Lord 

You're my everything 

Are you remember?


Artist: Slime