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Marleys Ghost

Cry From The Cross Lyrics - Marleys Ghost

One morning in Jerusalem, about the break of dawn, 

a great trial was in session, 

they tried our Blessed Lord. 

They scorned Him and they mocked Him, 

they made Him carry a cross. 

On top of Calvary mountain they crucified our Lord. 


Oh, the cry (Oh, He cried) from the cross, 

"Forgive them, Blessed Father!" 

He died upon the cross. 

Oh, He cried (Jesus cried) from the cross. 

The Son of God was dying to save the world from loss. 


Saint Peter, he denied Him at the awful trial that night. 

He said he never knew Him - it was an awful sight. 

He looked upon Saint Peter with eyes of perfect love. 

Saint Peter's heart was broken, he prayed to God above. 


Crying, "Father, it is finished!" and He bowed His head and died. 

The world was left in darkness, the graves were open wide. 

An earthquake shook Jerusalem, the dead walked into town. 

The multitude was frightened, God's wrath came pouring down.