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Marleys Ghost

Seamus Obrien Lyrics - Marleys Ghost


How sweet is the smile of the beautiful morn' 

as it peeps through the curtain of night. 

And the song of the nightingale singing her tune 

and the stars seem to shine with delight. 

All nature now lingers in silent repose 

and the sweet smell of summer has gone. 

And I sit and I wonder if Seamus now knows 

how sad and unhappy I am? 


Oh, Seamus O'Brien, why don't you come home? 

Sure you don't know how happy I'd be! 

I've got one darling wish and it is that you'll come 

and forever be happy with me. 

I'll smile when you smile and I'll weep when you weep, 

and I'll give you a kiss for a kiss. 

And all the fond vows that I make you I'll keep 

and what more can I offer but this? 

Does the sea have such bright and such beautiful charms 

that your heart will not leave it for me? 

Oh, why did I let you get out of my arms, 

a bird that was caged and is free? 


Oh, Seamus O'Brien I'm loving you yet 

with a heart that is trusting and kind. 

It was you who first won it and can you forget 

for the love of another you'd find? 

But if you should break it with sorrow and pain 

sure I'll then have a duty to do, 

Just bring it to me and I'll mend it again 

and give it, dear Seamus, to you.