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Marleys Ghost

Sinner Man Lyrics - Marleys Ghost

Sinner man, so discouraged 

while travelling through this land, this land. 

Oh, Lord, this land. 

Come, let us have a little talk with Jesus 

just to hear what He has to say. 


My God Almighty spoke and He said, 

"Go! And I'll go with you. 

Open your mouth and I will speak for you." 

For the Lord, tell me what to say, 

they won't believe on me. 

I would not be a sinner, 

tell you the reason why: 

'Fraid the Lord might call me 

and I wouldn't be ready to die. 


Some say give me silver. 

Some say give me gold. 

I say, "Give me Jesus! 

For He's precious to my soul." 



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