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Marleys Ghost

Turkey Day Rap-so-dee Lyrics - Marleys Ghost

Well, the wind blows wild and the trees are flying, 

old Scorpio's rising and the sky's on fire. 

I strolled down to the water just to watch the boats capsize. 

Well, my spirit's high and my stomach's full, 

it's good to feel a little gravitational pull. 

And I got a woman bound to make my temperature rise. 

I been working at the mill since a-way last August. 

Hell, it's better than the Gulf Station back in Saugus. 

And the weather's been wet, so there's really nothing better to do. 

We were living in a trailer, now we got our own place, 

it's a half mile off from the whole human race. 

And the crop's coming in just before the payment is due. 


Whoa - I must say it's been a fine Thanksgiving! 

Old Father Time's been smiling on me. 

When I hear them old songs I can't keep from singing. 

This true love that I've found has turned my world around. 

Well, I got an old friend who's a great success 

With his name in the paper and his head in a mess. 

Spent his youth trying to make the music pay. 

Now he wants to be the world's greatest big-time showman, 

flashing his stones like a declined Roman. 

And I wouldn't trade him if he threw in all the coke in L.A. 


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