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Lonely Side Of Her Lyrics - Marlon Williams - Marlon Williams

I can see that it's time for her to go 

And take her party out on the road 

I know she threw her wine on the floor 

I'll settle up the tab, here's a little more 


I know you've seen it all before 

But you haven't seen the lonely side of her 

She drinks her mind away every night 

Talking shit and starting fights 


But the morning brings her loneliness around 

Oh friend please don't send her up 

Until you've seen her down 

When she cries, I know no sweeter sound 


You haven't heard the lonely side of her 

No one's truly sheltered from the cold 

It takes a little a little learnin' to grow old 

But it helps to hold another if you can 




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I know that i could be the one if only she could say goodbye to all that she defends 

And let me love the lonely side of her 

Say goodbye to all that she defends 

Let me love the lonely side of her 


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