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Just One Woman Lyrics - Singles - Marmalade

Well I should be going home now, but she wanted me to stay, 

I whisper to her softly and she don't know what to say. 


Cause she worries so about me, and she calls me everyday, 

My love she always listens to things I have to say. 



Well I don't want no fancy woman. I don't need no fancy woman, 

All I want is just one woman in my life. 


You should see her in the morning, with her eyes as black as coal, 

She's got a lot of soul, and never will grow old. 


She's a reason, she's a river and she really is for me, 

I know she's got to be for no one else. 




Oh a friend is made for loving, a friend is made to stay, 

And I've got a friend who'll never walk away. 


Well I think about her always, and she thinks about me too, 

And I know without her I couldn't see it through. 



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