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Marques Houston

Genres: Hip-Hop

Dirty Dancin' Lyrics - Marques Houston

Marques fet: Temptation 


Chours: First thing i want to see how you shake 

it up for me. You got me going crazy. 

Baby start dirty dancing for me.(x2) 


Verse: I walk in the club looking as fine as I wont to be 

I got my homies l.d.b and romeo beside me 

We come to see some dirty dancing. 

Take it from the ground back up to the top 

I'll bring you home after the party stop 

But do one thing show me some dirty dancing. 


Chours: First thing I wont to see how you shake 

It up for me. You got me going crazy 

Baby start dirty dancing 


Verse: Now you dirty dancing you dropen 

it down and sahking it up from the ground. 

That way you shakeing your booty got me going 

dizzing. I can take you home to my room 

Forget the dirty dancing time to get freaky. 



Temptation:I'm shaking my booty got you going crazy 

After tonight I'll bet I'll be your lady 

I dont wont no dirty dancing I'm ready to get freaky 

Now you got me doing some thangs I yelling 

and screaming your name MH. I know you wont it to but 

Mh what else can temptation do for you. 


Chours:First thing I wont to see how you 

shaking it up for me. You got me going 

crazy. Baby start dirty dancing fo me(x3)