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Noize Lyrics - Mattress Music - Marques Houston

O la la la na na na 

Now let me give it to you baby just the way you like it aye 

And I can tell by the way you holding on the bed that you like it 

And you trying not to scream but your pillow biting 

Girl please dont fight it 


O na na na 

Cuz everytime you push and pull it just goes deeper (deeper) 

So open up nice and wide baby I'm gone feed ya (feed ya) 

And we bought to make a movie a double feature 

Scream if you need to 



Tell the mattress to be quiet I cant hear you 

I love it when you make that noise noise noise 

Screamin' to you lose your voice voice voice 

This is good you ain't got no choice 

Baby wanna make you moist 

That's when you make that noise 


So go a little loud for me 

Ay aye ay baby baby 

Go a little loud for me 

Aye aye aye oo oo baby bay 

Go and get lould for me 

Aye aye aye oo oo baby bay 

Go and get loud for me 

Aye aye aye oo oo yea 

Say I love it when you make that noise 


I'ma have you saying 

So really where you going baby come now and take that (take that) 

I know you feel it in your stomach its impossible to fake that (fake that) 

Turn around, poke it out, bend it over, now shake that (shake that) 

Make that, face that, hot like la la la la oo oo 


I'ma spit it, then like it, then run all up in it girl (girl girl) 

First I'ma stand back and stare at it a min girl 

(girl let me look at that thing) 

Got a nigga so hot like im standing in the kitchen 

I was a loocher so scream if you need to 




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