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Marques Houston

Genres: Hip-Hop

Sexapade Lyrics - Marques Houston


Come jump in my escalade 

I'm so drunk I forgot my name 

All I want to do is get laid 

Come join me in my sexapade 



[Romes 1st verse] 

Baby you beautiful you dress so provocative but why the hell you gotta be so damn talkative 

Yo stories too long yo skirt is short 

Yo homegirls makin me dizzy smoking dem new ports 

Now I been drinkin me and marques at the bar 

And I hope the henny ain't makin you look like super star 

'cause I ain't tryna wake up flippin and mad wit a broad who resembles Donovan McNad 

My homey black told me you was a dime plus 

You smelled so good that you cleared his sinus 

Lips so full keep my helmet shined up 

Girl lets go somewhere nobody can find us 

Coo what's yo name again 

Jeremy, Jerrod, Jerome 

All I kno my last name is Jones 

Girl believe me when I through witchu I guarantee you'll forget yo name too oo 


[chorus 2x] 

[Romes 2nd verse] 

Yo bodys vicious, delicious momi blowin me kisses 

Fly misses and ?? jellyfishes(girl I'm drunk and I see you high) 

And I ain't tryna drive and catch a DUI uh uh 

Back seat of my jeep lets swing a episode 

Hold up let the cd change and load 

I'm bout to let you have it to Lenny Cravits girl 

Lets pretend this escalade seat is a craftmatic 

I'm like a jack rabbti I hope you ain't asthmatic 

Baby just drop yo thong like a bad habbit 

We gon have dis ally smoking like a cookout 

The big homey Vern got us covered he da look out 

Got my truck rockin like monkeys fightin in it 

And after the back shots its time to go back into V.I.P actin as nothing happened holla 


[Chorus 2x] 

[Smooth verse] 

I kno you want to hit, get up in it and kill it 

So you can run back and tell yo homies how we did it 

My booty firm and chunky I ride it like a donkey 

Skeet skeet stop frontin boy you kno you want me 

You want to turn me out, turn me ova, turn me on, turn me into a freak and get me started like a 


You kno I can't stop let me get on top 

My booty jiggle like jello on the real watch 

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Copyright: Universal Music Publishing Group

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