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That Girl -remix Lyrics - Mh - Marques Houston


Baby look I'm tired of trying 

To convince you that I ain't caught up lying 

When she walk pass me 

I look so what? big deal 

I don't understand 

How that can make you feel that my love ain't for real 



Everyday I thank the lord above that your with me (your with me) 

Tell me why would I throw that away (why would I throw that away) 

What can I do to prove that this is where I want to be (yea) 

So I may look occasionally 

Your the only one I need 



If I wanted, 

That girl 

Then I would be with, 

That girl 

But that one ain't for me 

She's fine as hell but she'll always be, 

That girl 

Nothing more then that gurl 

No matter what she do she don't compare to you 


What you yellin' for 

(why you screamin') 

Girl you acting as if you juss caught me cheatin' 

When you look at other men 

And don't act like you dunt 

I don't trip because I know I'm the guy you come to every night 


*repeat 1 



I know I need you right here with me 

Oh I know I need you 

No other girl will do 

Cause I need you right here with me 

Oh I need you 





If I wanted 

That girl 

I would be with 

That girl 

But that one ain't for me 

She's fine ass hell but she'll always be 

That gurl 

Nothing more then 

That gurl 

No matter what she do 

She just can't be you baby 

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Copyright: Atv Music Publishing Llc, Peermusic Publishing, Emi Music Publishing, Chappell Music, Inc., Windswept Holdings Llc, Bmg Rights Management Us, Llc, Universal Music Publishing Group, Sony, Warner

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