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Lousy Lullaby Lyrics - Singles - Marry Me Jane

You know he dreams about tornadoes, tumbleweeds, and hurricanes 

I could blame it on his halos always getting in the way 

(If I'd known his wings were crooked I'd have pressed them into shape) 

Hopped a greyhound left his hometown population 1726 and change 

For 60 bucks a broken suitcase his bad luck was my lucky day 

Kinda thought we had a mess of time 

I mistook him for a guy I knew with his shabby hat and his southern eyes 

When he played he chipped a piece of me away I stood there hypnotized 

Here's a lousy lullaby 

Are you warm in winter are there still planets in your eyes? 

I'm your ivory valentine 

May the angels keep you laughing do I have to be alright? 

I thought we had a mess of time 

Dammit how could I? 

If I seem a little scatttered there's an empty place 

Where something used to beat 

Definitly shattered like some stupid piece of china 

How pathetic of me 

Here's a lousy lullaby 

I practice every day so I can keep you memorized 

I'm your heartless valentine 

May God forgive me I wish you'd melted in some other sucker's lousy lullaby 

Are you remember?

Sweet Jane

Artist: Raven