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Marshall Crenshaw

Genres: Pop

On The Run Lyrics - Marshall Crenshaw

(m. crenshaw) 


Run...i'm on the run 

And it's goodby for good this time 

Don't care where the road may wind 

I'm gonna leave all my troubles far behind 

Run...i'm on the run...just like a killer 

Down the dark highway 

Don't know where I've been today 

Been running since she walked away 

Night's fallin'...the wind's callin' her name 

How did I ever get caught in this game? 

No I couldn't know 

'cause I've always been the trusting kind 

Then one day I had to wake up and find 

That I'd lost everything that I thought was mine I'm long gone 

Little girl don't come looking round for me 

Oh yes I'm gonna be wild and free 

In a little while you'll be just a memory 

White lines on the road keep rolling by 

Try and catch me 

I'll take off and fly 

Are you remember?

Hold On

Artist: Singles

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