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Marshall Crenshaw

Genres: Pop

One Day With You Lyrics - Marshall Crenshaw

(m. crenshaw) 


For one day with you 

I would break off every previous engagement 

For one day with you 

I would honor any strange arrangement 

I'd walk on my hands through the jungle 

Cross the tundra white with snow 

Just tell me where you want me and there I'll go 

For one day with you 

I'd risk ruin, pain and degredation 

For one day with you 

I would gladly ruin my reputation 

Just to feel your hand, resting on my knee 

I'd face danger, death or injury 

Oh believe me 


For one day with you 

There's no terrible thing I would not do 

For one day with you 

It's such a mystery 

Though I try and try I can't uncover 

Why we're meant to be 

In a world where we can't have each other 

I'm sitting all alone 

Staring at the moon above 

Thinking about the last time we made love 

Chorus: (as above)