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Marshall Crenshaw

Genres: Pop

Some Hearts Lyrics - Marshall Crenshaw

(diane warren) 


For a while I've been so unlucky 

Always stumbling around in circles 

But I must've stumbled into something 

Look at me am I really alone with you 

Now I'm loving the life I'm living 

Can't recall when I last felt that way 

Guess it must be all the love you're giving 

Never knew, never knew it could be like this 

But I guess 


Some hearts seem to have it so easy 

Some hearts have all the stars on their sides 

Some hearts always get all the right breaks 

And some hearts just get lucky some time 

Never thought someone like you would love me 

You're the last thing my heart expected 

Didn't think I'd ever find somebody 

Someone who makes me feel like this 

Chorus (3x's) 


Some hearts like mine get lucky 

Lucky sometime 


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