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Marshall Crenshaw

Genres: Pop

Somewhere Down The Line Lyrics - Marshall Crenshaw

(m. crenshaw) 


Somewhere down the line 

It's gonna be more than fine 

These days won't even cross our minds 

Somewhere down the line 

The months go one by one 

Simplest thing under the sun 

I know some time will be our time 

Somewhere down the line 

I said it with all my heart 

As though I had a guarantee 

Mainly because I thought 

That that's what she wanted from me 

Though I don't really know 

That it isn't all in vain 

I looked into her dark eyes 

And said these words again 

Somewhere down the line 

You get yours and I get mine 

We can't give up I know we'll find that it's 

Somewhere down the line 

We won't be looking back 

As we move on down the track 

We'll leave our broken dreams behind 

Somewhere down the line 

Then she said, though we try with all of our ability 

We can't always rule our fate or determine our destiny 

Right away I understood what was going through her mind 

We're sitting here wondering what's waiting for us down the line 

These blues will fade away 

And I believe it's safe to say (that) 

I'll still be yours, you'll still be mine 

Somewhere down the line 


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