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Marshall Crenshaw

Genres: Pop

Stop Doing That Lyrics - Marshall Crenshaw

(m. crenshaw) 


Stop doing that 

Maybe I've missed my chance 

To talk to you as a friend 

But stop doing that 

That's what I'm gonna say 

When you and I meet again 

I thought the rumors were lies 

Until I saw for myself 

Not your better watch out 

Or you're soon gonna find 

That you're on the losing side 

Of the battle line 

Stop doing that 

Don't try to lie to me 

The way you lie to yourself 

Stop doing that 

Don't say that things you do 

Shouldn't matter to anyone else 

Somewhere in my heart 

There will always be a place 

For you and all the moments we shared 

When we both believed 

There was a reason to care 

We used to live on the run 

Not so long ago 

And tt was all about fun 

Fun and self discovery 

And now you say nothing's changed... 

Better look again 

'cause the way you're living now... 

It looks more like you're dying to me 

You look like walking misery 

Stop doing that 

Why should I keep on telling you? 

You won't stop doing that 

All your wreckless self-indulgence 

Your disregard for the mess you're creating 

Don't tell me, I know it's hard... 

Now I don't know where to find you 

But if you were here 

I'd grab you by the collar 

And whisper in your ear 

Stop doing that 


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