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Marshall Crenshaw

Genres: Pop

What Time Is It? Lyrics - Marshall Crenshaw

What time is it? 

I've just got to know 

What time is it? 

Three more hours to go 

Till I hold her in my arms 

And tell her that I want her for my own 


What time is it? 

Tell me once again 

What time is it? 

Two more hours and then 

I'll kiss her lips 

While the magic of the moonlight makes her mine 


Better hurry up and put my tie on 

Better hurry up, it's almost time 


What time is it? 

Just one hour more 

What time is it? 

Now I'm at her door 

And my heart is beating fast 

The moment's here at last 

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Copyright: Atv Music Publishing Llc, Sony