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Maurice Cooper

Genres: Other

Any Man Diss Dead Lyrics - Maurice Cooper


Iron core 

A 256 Dancehall to di world 

Tell em again 



Him set it up nice 

Fashalz productions 

Ital is vital 

To di world tell em again 

None dem cyan stop dis 

Ah we buss it up again 




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Talk tuff 

Dem a talk talk tuff 

Any man weh a diss him a dead 

kuff kaff never box none yet 

We Nuh ina dat, we nah ina long talk x2 

Verse 1 

Mi step ina di place wit a gun mi nuh fraida a no bwoy weh a claim seh him bad 


256 dancehall a wi circle di globe mi no fraida a nuh bwoy 


Guns haffi clap wi nuh care who a clap,clap a clap man a buss it up ina di face 

O.j him set it up nice 

Fashalz him a buss it up hard. 



Verse 2 

Fetality haffi cause every time weh mi shoot any man weh a violate mi 


Fashalz de bwoy dem hype and claim seh dem bad and Madda dan mi 


Badman fi who? Mi nah know dem from day one weh touch up di street 


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Buss it up again mek mi kill off a dem 

dem bwoy dem nuh badda dan mi 

Dem Nuh badda Dan mi 



Repeat verse1 



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