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Mighty Swag

Genres: Other

G Herbo Lyrics - Mighty Swag

Nlmb 150 roc block shit 

You already know what the fuck it is 

150 dream team 




G Herbo you cold as hell bro 

G Herbo keep it up bro 

I'm your biggest fan 

I don't think anyone can replace me 

Or you in that matter 

G Herbo's rhymes are cold 

G Herbo you is bold 

I used to listen to Chief Keef, now I switched over to you 

You can call me Mr. P Stone 

Herbert is your real name 

Huh, I did not know that 

Evan is my real name 

But you don't know me, now you do 

Let me introduce myself to you 

On the block, Essex block 

Essex and 79 

Herb, Lil Bibby is his blood 

G Herbo you said it yourself, Nlmb we pistol gang 

You be in the streets selling drugs or you sleeping 

Lookin in the mirror, or you can relate 

See a opp, take em down, cuz you mean it 

I listen to all your songs 

I know all your rhymes 

You don't get sleep till the sun is up 

You take em down when they actin up 

I'm not from Chriaq, but I can map it out like I was raised there 

G Herbo is crazy, you rap about stupid shit 

You wearing Versace like they we're 5 dolla jeans 

G Herbo... 

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