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Mighty Swag

Genres: Other

Lamborghini Lyrics - Mighty Swag


I see this Lambo, it's cold as hell 

Drop off the keys and let me take it for a spin 

Owner said no so I just hop in and take off 


I stole this Lamborghini 

Don't touch, paws off 

It's mine cuz I stole it fair and square 


I stole this Lamborghini 




I took off in a Lamborghini 

I did it just to impress your girl 

I took off like a bullet 

Rocket-launcher, speed demon 

I drive so fast you can't seem me 

I'm like lightning before a crazy storm 

You can call me Lightning McQueen 

I don't have my squad wit me, I'm bout to go solo 

I'm never high, I'm always low 

My eyes closed like I'm getting sum shuteye 

Sleep on that girl, mountain top 

She got a long neck, like a giraffe 

Once a month, she's all red like Clifford the big red dog 

And imma shake sum wit this 30 clip 

Left hand on the steering wheel 

Right hand on top of it 

I stole that Lamborghini fair and square 

It's mine, so don't touch it 

Throw L's up cuz that's the life I live 

Lil Jay cold but I already know he Bdk 

I'm wit Nlmb, we no limit boys 

Lil Herb and Lil Bibby 

But I'm on the highway and I'm bout to get off 

So let me dip out and just take off 





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