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Artist: Nada Surf
Genres: Rock
Total songs: 5
Year: 1996

Nothing Lyrics - Karmic - Nada Surf

i didn't do anything today 


i didn't do anything today 

stay in bed 

i'm finally doing what i said i'd never do 

i'm doing nothing 

i'm doing it for you 

and you will admire the ultimate courage 

when i throw everything right in the garbage for you 

i didn't say anything today 

nothing said 

i didn't think anything today 


i'm finally doing what i said i'd never do 

i'm saying nothing 

i'm saying it at you 

and i will get helpers i'm recruiting them now 

i'll show them nothing to do i will show them how 

and we will do nothing 

we'll do it together 

i don't care when we get through 

we'll do it forever for you 

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Copyright: Atv Music Publishing Llc, Warner, Chappell Music, Inc., Sony

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