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River Phoenix (unreleased) Lyrics - North 6th Street - Nada Surf

born to hippie parents 

given a different name 

which he caught much flak for 

the world was his oyster 

and hollywood the clam 

when he grew up 

he joined a hippie band 

he was directed by gus van zandt 

we'd like to think he'd have joined the smartipantz 

co-starred with flea and keanu 

we didn't know jackie O 

she was one of the people that we did not know 

nor did we care about her hair 

her pillbox hat and her savoir faire 

but still we thought we knew 

maybe you did too 

river phoenix 

river phoenix 

ian curtis 

and river phoenix 

and me and you 

n a des parents hippies 

donn un drole de nom 

on lui a beaucoup taquin 

le monde etait sa mere 

hollywood la pierre 

il n'etait pas pour cette terre 

dirig par gus van zandt 

on aime penser qu'il aurait chant avec les smartipantz 

co-star avec flea et keanu 

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