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Naer Mataron

Genres: Metal

The Triumph Of Will Lyrics - Naer Mataron

We are reborn from the ashes of our death 

We summon the mystical phoenix, the return of the immortal 

After the Great War, we are tragic fighters 

In the hour of judgment, we will return again in our posts. 


On the right of the last avatar the upcoming Kalki the avenger 

After the twilight of the Demigods 

A red blooded sky, a sunset, the decline of the civilization, and suddenly a 

golden dome 

A symbol appears golden and pure 

It rises in the night from the shadow of our swords 

Wreathed in the myth, soled down in fire 


ZEUS upsets the cosmic disorder 

HERCULES drowns the snakes 

THESEIS lifts the rocks and rigs 

FAETHON sets the sky on fire 

FIVOS kills the python 


The head of Medusa is in the edge of our swords 

The sacred one 

Values are recoded from the depths of centuries 

To regain Nemesis