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Naer Mataron

Genres: Metal

Wolf Of Ions Lyrics - Naer Mataron

The sun drops to the Aegean sea 

On its rose edge (it) still keeps on, a hint of light 

The sword of east that was drowned 

In the voracious sea of Ions 


A demon of the sea, half human and half fish 

The one who rides the dolphin 

In the black deep waters the conquerors still hide 

The stars standing so high 

Confess of an unholy conspiring night 


Clamors are heard from the Elysian Fields 

The Fields that... Christ (ha!) NEVER crossed! 

The blood of the wolf still runs in the storm of your rage 

You have returned for the revenge of the Hellenic Blood 

You are the wolf, the son of the seashell 

Destroy now, the Plague from the east, 

The Jewish race 


The daybreak comes fearfull: 

Lykeios Nekys Ek Tymbon Egeiromenos Osper 

Fasma Barbarous Polemious Apoktein Ethelei 


I offer a libation of blood to the sea-bathing god 

I dance his raging Pirrichion 

I hold the heart and soul of an Ancient Spartan! 

Sardonic, Hateful, Wolf of Ionia!!! 


Soul dispatcher, demoniac, macabre Mortifier 

Authentic archetypical terror spreads 

Hellenic Blood-Victorious-Immortal