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Genres: Metal

Of Gorgons Spawned Through Withcraft Lyrics - Naglfar

Enter! Daughters of death, seducers from the limbonic kingdom 

Angels of hell, their lips speak of perdition 

Inhaling searing ashes of their temples burning bright 

False prophets and purity, succumb to the daughters of night 

Twisting feeble seraphs, they are screaming as they fall 

In tearing pain their souls are reaped by their nocturnal call 


They rejoice as they watch into the cauldrons of protracting pain, 

Where in fallen souls burn and their bastard spawn shall reign 

Retaliatoal queens, vengeful whores of the abyss 

Crush the celestial splendour to satan's delight 


Of gorgon's spawned through witchcraft 

Forged by the very essence of hell 

Of gorgons spawned through witchcraft 

Graced by the venomous plagues that course within their veins 


Gaze into the fires of hell, drink the blood from the devil's well 

Now you sleep where the demon's dwell 

And as your funeral bell knells 

You're left petrified and doomed to watch the... 


...Grimmest forms of torture, you try to scream but your lips are numb 

Agonizing deathcries, the earth bleeds before the gorgons' reign 


As blood besmears the light 

You're under a spell that leads to eternal sleep 

You fall into the deep, the eastern gorgons have come to reap...