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Ex Inferis

Artist: Naglfar
Genres: Metal
Total songs: 2
Year: 2001

The Brimstone Gate Lyrics - Ex Inferis - Naglfar

I have seen the most beautiful light 

Since my birth It's been possessing my mind 

I've lashed myself, I have opened my veins 

Cursed my blood in grief 


As a shadow of death, the repaer from the tales of past 

I've been lurking in the shades of Thy creation 

Feared by most, hated by all, loved by none 

A destiny in solitude 


Pariah I am, rejected by my race 

I shall triumph at last 

I damn myself to fire eternal 

And on the day of commotion I shall rise 

And walk into my sulphur kingdom 

Entering the brimstone gate 


I hate the soil I walk, despise the earth that gave me birth 

A hungry yearning for the homecoming at Lucifer's domain 

And now the portals open wide, am I a fool if I not try? 

To enter realms of dark supremacy through sorcery