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When Autumn Storms Come Lyrics - Diabolical - Naglfar

Nightchildren bring my words 

Howling them through the dark 

The time is here for my return 

With the shadows I walk 

Twilight shrouds the earth 

As always when I'm here 

Night spreads her wings for me 

They call me father 


I Have Come To Reap 


Flowers wither where I walk 

Dying of my caress 

Summer sheds her tears 

As I kiss her to her death 

Pulling her dying remains 

Into my cold embrace 

No more colors but mine 

Exquisite and foul are they 


I Grant You My Dead Seed 


My heart is made of thorns 

I spread my frost as a monument of my rebirth 

I bear stormwinds in my soul 

And I scatter these storms to enslave the earth 


Autumn Is My Name 

Are you remember?


Artist: George Duke


Artist: The Priests