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Great Spirit Lyrics - Hoka - Nahko And Medicine For The People

So which wolf will you feed 

One makes your strong, one makes your weak 

And those who know and those who seak 

Amidst the chaos make your peace 

I know which wolf I feed 

I know which wolf I feed 

Great spirit, I have had it 

Bring me back to the nomadic 

Way of weavin through the damage 

Mindful, stay mindful 

Great spirit, for my sisters 

Let me be a flowing river 

Flood the banks, the rocks that bind her 

Carry, I'll carry 




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Great, Great Spirit 

Oh oo oh 

Great, Great Spirit 


Oh oo oh 


Great spirit, for my brothers 

Let me be a mountain under 

Which he climbs to discover 

His process, now that's progress 

Great Spirit, all that hinders 


Tie reminders to my fingers 

I must speak to you more often 


Great, Great Spirit 


Oh oo oh 

Great, Great Spirit 

Oh oo oh 


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Great Spirit, for my relations 

Give them stength to face racism 

In every single situation 

Easy now, go on speak loud 

Great Spirit, take me instead 

Guide me down the road of red 

Til casa la, I am shamed, Great 

Oh tin casa la, yeah 

Tin casa la a a, yeah 

Tin casa la a a, yeah 

So in casa la, oh yeah 

Great Spirit, system collapsed 

Nothing but the Earth will last 

And I will be singing sweetly until the darkness 

And how life is 

Great Spirit, on my tounge 

Be still, be still, the time will come 

When everyone will sing "All Life is Sacred" 

Well, I'm waitin 

Great Spirit, my fist is up bringin the power to the people 

You're a reflection of us 

Some of you're people can't hear it 

The cries of the Earth 

Some of you're people can't feel it 

The way that it hurts 

And it hurts, Great Spirit 

Oh oo oh, and it moves, Great Spirit 

Interconnected in the wreckage of a paradigm on 

It's way out, it's way out 

Speaking of spiritual lyrical testimonies 

A spirited lyricist weavin around false prophecies 

A spirit directed and selected with the message I bring 

While the ship slowly sinks, I've been directed to sing 

I'm like a wrecking ball breaking down the walls of the past 

I made up a list, livin off bliss with the last of my cash 

You're gonna be justified with how you treated the land 

You're gonna be by my side, when I stand and demand a change 



They know not what they do... 

They know not what they do... 

Can we forgive them for that too? 

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