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My Country Lyrics - Dark As Night - Nahko

We feel that racism and sexism and class seperation, 

that these are desecrations. 

And we feel that the american flag does not represent 

integrity, honor, justice or truth. 

My country 'tis of thee 

sweet land of poverty 

for thee I weep. 

Land where my mother cried, 

Land where my father died, 

sweet land of genocide, 

Pride of my heart. 

My country 'tis of thee 

Sweet land of industry 

we'll break your back 

Clean out your minerals 

Fill you with chemicals 

We kill for what is profitable 

Oh concrete world. 

Our climate's suffering 

All nature feels the sting 

Poisoned progress. 

All of these mouths to feed 

All of this land to seed 

From sea to shining sea 

Gold underground 

Our people left to die 

Battlefield country-side 

Paved-over graves. 

Suburban privileges make desolate villages 

Broken treaties, Broken promises 

Conquer, repeat. 

All warriors represent 

Remind those who forget 

The time is now. 

To walk in humble pride 

Prepare and fortify 

Resist comforts of compromise 

Pray for guidance 

Pray for guidance 

Pray for guidance. 




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