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Genres: Metal

Zero Tolerance Lyrics - Nailbomb

So you think you're the chosen one? 

So you think you're the master race? 

Racist violence ain't anarchy 


Are you trying to destroy 

Anyone who's not like you? 

But in the perfect world 

You'll be the first to go 


Your leader is dead and gone 

He, the one who never won 

Go back and trace your history 

You're no different than your enemy 


You talk about pride 

Then why do you need the hide? 

Behind a mask, you never question 

Your blind obsession 


Zero tolerance 


You say you're going to kill the Jews 

Asians, Latinos and blacks 

Racially different, equally ignorant 


Why don't you rethink? 

It's happened before 

Now it's happening again 

We've come to the point of 


Zero tolerance 

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Copyright: Universal Music Publishing Group