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Artist: Naja
Total songs: 1

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  1. I Can Be

I Can Be Lyrics - Singles - Naja

[Verse 1:] 

Can She Be Betta The Me Can She Walk Talk Eat Sleep Like Me Can She Do All These Things I Do For U Can She Do Betta Things Than I Do I Dont Understand Your Always Around Her Nobody Else Even Me But Just Because She's Your Partner For Social Studies Dont Mean She Can Be Ya Close Buddy Well Boy I Need To Tell You Somthin Ooo 



I Can Be The One U See I Can Be The One You Need I Can Be The One You Mean Not Not Her [x2] 


[Verse 2:] 

You Can Choose Now Is The Time To Come Over Here And Be Mine Or You Just Gonna Chosse Dat And Then End Up Calling Her Your World Heres Your Chance Boy Lets Get Neal Your Gonna Choose Her Know You No More Youre Not Acting Like A Man Your Acting Like A Boy You Know I Do Better Than That Mater Of Fact I Dont Even Where Tracks So Are U Gonna Choose Or What Oh Boy 


[Chorus x2] 



You Can Just Do This To Leave Me For Some Baby And If You Want Me To Go I'll Pack My Bags And Hit The Doe But I Dont Think I Would Want That Baby Cause She Can Never Be Like Me And Later Shes Gonna Find Out You Been My Baby 


[Chorus x2]