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What Lyrics - Rat Race - Najwa

What beast must I adore 

What heart must I break 

What lie must I maintain 


In what look-threat 

In what look-threat 


What must I adore 

If I look awful 

And I wear the wrong face 

With the wrong shoes 

What must I maintain 




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If I come at the wrong time 

With the wrong friends 

What heart must I break 

If I say the wrong things 

On the wrong day 


What must I maintain 

If I lie to myself 

What must I chase 

If I'm lost as well 


What must I love 

If I don't deserve 

What must I break 

When I count to ten 




So provide me with a nice tuxedo 

And give me a silver shield 

'Cause this party won't last long 


And I know it 

'Cause I'm waiting for the storm 

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